Sabtu, 20 November 2010


I am Susilawati . I am an English literature in Muara Bungo University. I am work in mini market. I am a cashier in a mini market.
I have an unforgettable experience when I was working. Now, I will try to write it.

One a day, I was in a shop alone. My partner and my friends were eating. Suddenly, there was a bald man came in to me. He wore a black thin jacket, a black jeans, black shoes and black glasses. Wow, he was so fearful for me. I think he was not friendly man. I did not have bravery enough. Then he walked in to me again. I was afraid. My body was shaking. I was trying to say something.
“What can I do for you, sir?” Then, he took off his glasses. He stares at me for a view minutes. I was nervous. I wanted screaming everyone to help me if he did something to me. Nevertheless, I tried to always-positive thinking, although I did not do it.
“What do you want sir?” I asked him again. He smiled. His smile was so sweet and friendly.
“There is a comb in here?” he asked me. I wanted to smile and laugh. There was a bald man needed a comb and I thought he would not find in a food shop.
“Nothing a comb here sir…” I replied.

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