Jumat, 02 Juli 2010

short story

By: Susilawati

One afternoon, drizzling rain comes. That day is cloudy. The sky is so blue. It is covered by black cloud. The sun still wants to shine. The sky knows what does happen in te earth. The skies cry and flood the earth. The small heap is given some kinds of flowers. The small heap is planted gravestone. The corner Bungo city is like an empty place, a cold pace, a frozen place, without a duvet. The village is covered by the sadness.
A little girl who wears a veil sits lowly beside the gravestone. She does not cry but her face shows the deep sadness. She does not have enough energy to walks and to does an activity. Green shirt, black dress, and black veil that she wears are wet. It happens because of drizzling rain. She does not know about herself. Her hands shake. She touch gravestone. She said, “I am ready, my mother is yours God”.

An adult man with thin moustache walked in to an adult woman. He had black skin and curly hair. His tall was about 175 cm. His weight was about 60 kg. He had a sweet smile, and he was a handsome man. He said “I am sorry… “.
Hendrawan was Sherly’s father. He gets married again because his first wife could not make him be happy. His first wife could not give him a son. His daughter could not make him be proud. The daughter would be given to a man who was ready to marry. The daughter lived with their parents until 14 years old. Then they had married.
A woman who wore a veil sat down on the floor. Her face showed the sadness. Then she cried. The clothes that she wore showed about her heart. Yellow veil showed the pain. Her veil and her clothes were untidy. Her heart was broken.
Rahma knew about her illness. Her heart was broken. She was jealous when she saw her husband with the new wife, but she was ready. She wanted her husband would be happy. Her husband was a king for her heart, for her life. She loved him so much. She never denied what he said.
Rahma very loved her daughter, Sherly. She though her daughter about life, religion, and polite attitude. She put Sherly to a school in local area. During about 8 years old, she made her husband be disappointed. She got illness when her daughter 6 years old. She got a cancer. She must be operated. It caused she could not get a baby again. And if she got pregnant, it would make her soul be danger. She would die.
A little girl grew become teenager. She was 14 years old. She had white skin and brown eyes. Her father face stuck in her face. Her clothes always made her looked an adult woman. Her body was slim. She was a beautiful girl.
She graduated from senior high school. She never complained what her parents gave to her. Her birthday in 14th years old, she wanted to celebrate with her parents.
Sunday morning, it was so bright. The birds sang. The flowers smiled. It was not like atmosphere in Sherly’s heart. To day was her birthday. She wore a green shirt, black dress and black veil. The cloth was not for her birthday, but for attended her father wedding.
The holy situation happened in the mosque. The king and the queen were ready to accept the power. An old man sat between them. Many people sat around them. An old man began the ritual.
An adult woman sat in the corner of peoples. The queen took place her position in the king’s heart. She looked lowly. She was silent, but she was calm. Purple kebaya that was wore by her. Rahma left that moment before the moment finished. She walked. She went to home. Sherly followed her.
Situation in Rahma’s home was quiet. There was no dialogue between them. Sherly stare her mother. Her mother sat near of her sewing machine. Her mother could sew quickly, but she could not sew again because of her illness.
Suddenly, Sherly’s mother stood up and felt down on the floor. Sherly ran and shouted. Mom…! Sherly was panic. Sherly did not know what would was she do. She ran out to the neighbor’s house. There was no one in there. They went to her father’s wedding. Sherly though to give this happen to her father, but she was afraid about her mother’s condition. Then she brought her mother to the doctor alone.
A man that wore a tidy clothes, come in to Sherly. He had 170 cm tall and 54 kg weight. His skin was white. He carried Sherly’s mother and brought in a room.
The door a room opened. There was a handsome man. He stood in there. His face was polite. He came in to Sherly. Sherly stood up and hope the doctor said something about her mother. He said “I am sorry”. Sherly sat down lowly. Her body shook. She could not see clearly. Then she did not know what happened in the next.
Sherly opened her eyes. She was in her home. The situation was noisy with people who read Yasiin. She got up and run in to the body’s mother. The body was covered by winding sheet. The body did not have soul. The body did not have bloods. Sherly kissed her mother. She did not cry, but Sherly forgot one thing. An adult man that must attended. A father that was loved by Sherly. But, there was no that man in there. Her father did not come till her mother was buried.

Sherly walks lowly to her house. She is alone. The building with 48 m2 size. Her house has two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a little bathroom. There are many kinds of flowers in front of the house. The street always stays there.
She promises with her self. She must continuous her study. She must be a success person. She always remembers what her mother said. “Never cry for your sadness, but you may cry for your mistake”.
I think not only boys but also girls can study more than 15 years old. The girls can make their parents. The girls can choose their study what they want. They may get their ideas. The girls can real their parents dream. Do not forget to work hard and study hard to get it.

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