Selasa, 20 Juli 2010


What do you think about smoking? Are you interested? or Are you uninterested?
Smoking is a bad habit. Smoking can make our body is not good. It means we put the dangerous chemical in our body. Person who smokes a cigarette cannot think in real situation. I mean, they cannot face their real life. Therefore, they take a cigarette to make their mind be happy.
There are two types of smoker. They are active smoker and passive smoker. An active smoker is a person who sucks a cigarette directly. A passive smoker is a person who sucks smoke indirectly. The active smokers say that there are many advantages of smoking. They always happy. They never feel sadness. According to them, smoking is a necessary for their life. They cannot pass their life happily without smoking. They never feel afraid about everything. They have a big power to do everything that they like. They can be a wonder person.
Base to the passive smokers, they are very disturbed by smoke of cigarette. They hate it because they will affect some disease. Same with active smokers. They feel headache when they suck it.
In other side, smoking is very dangerous for our body. Smoking is affected everybody that suck it. The disease are caused by Smoking not only affect cigarette are lung cancer, gullet cancer, raise our blood pleasure, coroner heart, pneumonia, etc. It can make somebody dead.
Although they know about dangerous of smoking, they are still want to smoking. They cannot leave it. Why? It happen because in a cigarette consist of many dangerous chemical. One of them is nicotine. Nicotine can make them be depended. They are difficult to leave it, and they cannot stop it, although they want to stop it.
New smokers rise up so quickly. It happen because there are some advertisements of smoking is so famous in society. There are many interesting images and illustration. It tell about smoker is a success person and a brave person. Smoker can pass barricade.
One thing that makes me sad is smokers rise up from years to years. It means there are additions in new smokers (passive smokers) become active smokers. They smoke along in their life. The new smokers are children and teenagers.
Base on data in Komnas Perlindungan Anak (2007) show that, 91, 7% teenagers (13-14 years old) in Jakarta become smokers. It always rises up from years to years. It means that account of death is rise up too.
Base on data, we can take a conclusion that there are some reason the smokers smoke are nicotine, advertisement, and they get stress in their life. There is no advantage of smoking. It just spends our money and it can affect in our body.
So, please try to stop smoking for the smokers. Say no to smoking for passive smokers or for new smokers. Never feel you don not self-confidence if you do not smoke. Keep freighting always. Say that you cannot accept this attitude. Give a good example for others.

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