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Future trends - Tomorrow's world

There are some major trends that will shape the new century. These trends are:
• The age of instant communications.
• A world without economic borders.
• Internet commerce and learning.
• The new service society.
• The new age of leisure.
• The changing shape of work.
• Women in leadership.
• Your amazing brain rediscovered.
• The triumph of the individual.

Some trends are found in chapter one of The Learning Revolution, the world's top-selling book for 1999, by Gordon Dryden and Dr. Jeannette Vos.

A. Digital Lifestyle (Employment Trends in the Future)

In recent years an increasingly strong trend emerged about how we are supposed to work. Generally, the way people work is to work in a company that requires commitment of time, e.g. 40 hours a week. In America, this kind of work known as "9 to 5" because of his working hours are from 9am to 5pm.
In fact, working hours continue to increase, more than normal business hours are 40 hours a week. A recent study says that in many American companies in the real working hours to 70 hours a week! This means working almost 12 hours a day for 6 days!
From this fact, it later emerged that the movement say that we should work with new and flexible ways. The core philosophy is this:
Most people work to earn money. But should we work to build a system that could generate money automatically.
Our job should be to build a system that could generate money automatically without the need for our presence. Indeed, a similar concept of "passive income" was popularized by Kiyosaki. But I felt that what emerged in recent deeper and wider variations compared to what has been stated by Kiyosaki.
Latest book in this field is The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss written. Unlike Kiyosaki is more concerned about the "passive income", Ferriss more emphasis on lifestyle with "passive income" as one means of achieving (the other two facilities are the time and mobility).
What I caught lately, it seems the trend in the future will lead to the emergence of "virtual company" where each person can build his own company is an international scale. Although only founded by one person, this company will be able to handle the job in a fairly large scale by utilizing the concept of "outsourcing".

B. Comics, Future Trends

COMICS is like any other art that has high artistic value. In fact, the comic could contain a particular ideology, personal issues, life, and can educate readers.
Looks like the work of graphic novels are loaded with cargo ideology will be a new trend in the world of comics.

According to Seno Gumira Ajidarma (SGA), most people still mendikotomikan comics with other artwork, high art and low art. And, comics tend to be abused as a work of art. To raise the comic in the world art map, Will Eisner (1917-2005) of the United States makes the graphic novel.
Graphic novel entitled A Contract with God (1978) was victorious until now and has earned 207 million U.S. dollars in 2004. The novel was translated into 11 languages, including translation in the Indonesian language by the Publisher of Reason.
According to SGA, the comic who was known to the public with graphic novels is no different. However, the graphic novel there is an ideological interest and the creation of self-identity. Graphic novels are also categorized into groups adult comics since raised the issue of life, supporting the classical values, and literature. Like the work of graphic novels is lifted from the works of Tolstoy or Chekov. In addition, adult comic also raised the sex scenes in the picture panels. However, the sex scenes often protested the community.

Will Eisner: Graphic Novels Mr.
Will Eisner Jew who was born March 6, 1917 in Brooklyn, New York. While following military service in World War II, he did not lose the ability to draw. His ability was involved educating American soldiers because he made war with the manual equipment using the picture.
His work, entitled A Contract with God (1978) which then continued in comics to-2 A Life Force, and the 3Dropsie Avenue, became famous trilogy of graphic novels.

C. Online Media Will Be a Future Trend

Along with technological development and lifestyle of the people in accessing information. Confirmed the presence of print media in the form of newspapers, magazines and tabloids will be abandoned by society. So from now on, owners should think about the future of their media. Including the need for media changes and how they still needed.

For example, in the U.S. alone currently has some major media more focused on media online to be able to maintain their print media. And this threat will be felt later if Google already based in Indonesia. He also pointed out that the existence of online media that could be accessed anytime and anywhere, and the free will to make abandoned the print media.
This change will increasingly be facilitated by the presence technology phone that makes the media online becomes a wonderful one.

D. Diesel Cars in Indonesia, Will Be a Future Trends

When the electric car is still difficult to realize in Indonesia, there are other machines that could be an alternative that is diesel. Diesel-engined cars were believed to be a new trend in Indonesia's automotive world. The trend of diesel cars will be coming soon in Indonesia following the same trends at the global level.
Diesel engine is the automotive market is booming in the world and will soon rule the world of car sales. Trends in diesel-engine car is also will be the same with automatic car trend a dozen years ago. When the automatic car is not familiar and is considered one eye. Because other than 'too easy', automatic car prices were more expensive than manual cars that circulate in advance. And with a variety of technologies that exist in such CRDi diesel engine and the Common Rail, diesel engines have evolved and can be regarded as the future of car engines as well as hybrid cars and electric cars.

With Sciences, life’ so easy
With art and love, life’s so beautiful
With Religion, life’s so directed
With smart & smile, life’s so enthusiastic

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